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In the modern world of today, nothing can be done individually by anyone. Rather, everyone has to collaborate in various scenarios of life. The concept or partnership is quite old.

There can be a number of forms partnerships. For instance, there can be a partnership where one part brings in the investment of for the business and the other part overlooks the whole functioning mechanism of the system. In this case, the profit earned from the business will be divided according to the mutual agreement of both the partners.

Another form of partnership can be when both the partners bring in equal amount of investment and share the responsibilities of the work equally. In this case, it is quite obvious that profit generated by the business will be shared equally.

It should be noted that partnerships are not limited to two people only. A business can have more than two partners as well. In the simplest of terms, partnerships can help people to reduce the workload or to minimize burden on them.

Another form of partnership is when a person or a firm want to invest in an already established and running business for the purpose of earning profit. This is when Sipexa comes into play.

Sipexa is basically an online and paperless office platform that provides the opportunities of running and visiting offices entirely online from anywhere in the world.

Sipexa welcomes consulting partners that are capable of implementing end-to-end solutions for the company and hence its client. Sipexa will be legally bound to provide such consulting partners with commissions on each project along with other benefits such as customer support, advanced training and a dedicated Partner Account Manager. What is more? The partners will earn 30% of the total revenue with the guarantee of a life time agreement.

Another type of partners that Sipexa welcomes the referral partners. All such partners have to do is to introduce the new clients with Sipexa and the management team will reach out the designated clients referred by the referral partners. Referral partners will enjoy the same benefits and perks as that of the consulting partners i.e. commission on every project (new client), priority customer support, advanced training and a dedicated Partner Account Manager and 30% of the total revenue generated with the guarantee of an agreement valid for lifetime.

In a nutshell, becoming a partner of Sipexa will not only benefit to our company but will also be financially very advantageous for the partners.

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