Online Form Builder

Create Form, Surveys with Drag and Drop

  • Responsive Forms

    Let people fill in forms from anywhere and on any device.

  • Subdomains

    Create brand recognition with your own customized form URL.

  • Drag and Drop

    Build beautiful online forms without any coding knowledge.

  • Email Logic

    Send emails to the right people when a new submission is made.

Unlimited Entries and Unlimited Fields

Why are you limiting yourself with limited number of fields or entries with a form.

Our unique feature is you do not need to worry amount of fields or amount of entries.

Whenever you want you can add new fields or remove existing fields without loosing any data.

Custom Workflow per Each Form

You can enable workflow for when an approval process is required.

You can define different workflows for different forms.

Embed into any Website & Be Notified

You can use forms internally or from different sources.

Whenever you need use at your website or sending inside an email to be filled, feel free to switch on.

Sometimes you wish to be notified when form is filled.

Custom Listing Screen

You may have lots of fields on a form.

Feel free to select which columns will be seen on filter section or on columns section in listing screen.

Custom Filters

It may be trouble to find a unique entry from collected data after a while.

Because of this, any field which is used in a form can be filtered.

Mandatory Fields & Custom Warnings

Fields which are used in a form can easily adjustable as mandatory fields.

If user does not provide any data to mandatory field an error message is populated with customizable content.