What is a Workflow

Workflow is a structural block of any business – your business is just a set of daily repeating processes. No matter of which industry you’re in or what type of business you do, there are a lot of things you repeat on a daily basis.

Workflow is a series of repeatable activities needed to be fulfilled to accomplish a task.

Every organization or business uses custom workflows. Workflows are what your business can be summarized to like day-to-day duties which your employees fulfill. This is, however, in most cases not clearly expressed: while your team knows what their daily responsibilities, the workflows are not analyzed or documented or improved.

Managers who are acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty, go the additional step to make their business run better. Meaning, they go through business process mapping and identify areas that can be improved.

There are 3 kind of workflows…

  • Sequential – Progressing from one step to the next, without ever going back.
  • Rules-driven – Essentially the same as the sequential workflow, the only difference your employees have to follow predetermined rules or procedures.
  • State Machine - Instead of following a process step by step, you move between different “states” according to previous steps.