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The very simplest definition of an office is workspace for people to carry out various business tasks in accordance with their responsibilities. Higher rank of an individual is being calculated with his responsibility towards the office.

Traditionally, offices have located in buildings that are distant from homes of the individuals who work there. They come to the office and work there from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. This is the trend that has been followed traditionally. However, with the advancement of science and technology, including IT, the trends and traditions that have been followed for a very long time are now undergoing a change gradually. For example, traditionally internal combustion engine vehicles have been used to derive energy from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The scenario is now changing. Now use of electric cars and hybrid electric cars is increasing because of their advantages regarding environment and fuel efficiency.

Moreover, several processes that were entirely offline in the past have now become entirely internet based or online. A great example of this is banking. A major portion of the money that is available to the world is in electronic form now.

Similarly, tradition of offices has undergone similar innovations as well. Offices have become paperless and online. One of the great examples of this is the website that you are visiting right now, Sipexa.

Sipexa is an online platform meant for fulfilling all of your business needs. Though the services offer great facilities to its users better than the traditional offline offices, there are some parameters have to be looked into by humans themselves.

In businesses, client satisfaction is one of the most important parameters. If the feedback is positive, it will be great motivation for the company and if it is negative, it will envisage the company there is room for improvement. Though there are a number of methods by which responses can be obtained from the clients, responsive forms prove to be the best approach to the task at hand thus far.

The Sipexa office offers a responsive forms service that allows the clients of the company to enter feedback about the product or service of the company having a Sipexa form from any part of the world.

Moreover, there can be mechanism in which the clients can offer their feedback without having the restriction of specific questions on the form. This will further improve the efficiency of the system. There would also be a mechanism that will allow the responses sent by the clients to immediately be received by response team of office. In case the response is such that it can be solved immediately, it should be solved by the team without seeking permission from the superiors. On the other hand, if the problem outlined in the response requires extensive investigation, the client providing such feedback should be responded immediately that his or her message has been received and efforts to solve the problem have begun.