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Without paper based or online (electronic) documents, there is not concept of the modern. Suddenly, if every loses their identification document, that world will be led to a chaos since the situation of law and order will collapse.

However, this scenario is statistically very unlikely since repositories and websites such as Sipexa are here to the documents the integrity of the documents is always ensured.

There are different types of documents, such as identification documents, property documents, documents related to the financial expenditure of a designated projected. Almost all the documents that are issued in different parts of the world are valid for a designated period of time. However, while these documents are valid, it is very important that such documents are kept safe.

Both paper-based and electronic documents are commonly used in offices. The paper-based documents that are very important, such as documents of property can be stored in safes to ensure that they are not damaged or stolen.

In case of electronic documents, there are online repositories such as Sipexa are available to its clients. The online paperless office system provides great features to its customers of storing their electronic documents online an arranged manner. This feature will also ensure that the integrity of the electronic document is ensured. For instance, there are chances that the document might become a target of cyber attacks when the document is sent through email. This scenario becomes more likely when the document is of financial importance. This problem has been solved by Sipexa as well. Now, an authorized person can upload a document into the repository of Sipexa from one location and send a message to another authorized person (who is in the need of that document) that it is now safe to download it from the Sipexa repository.

Another great feature of Sipexa repository is that it can be timed in accordance with the validation period of the documents. For example, if a designated document is valid for a period of 4 months (after which it will be of no use), Sipexa can be programmed to get rid of the document when the designated time period is over. This will not only lead to the proper arraignment in such a way that only the important documents of a designated online office provided Sipexa but will also create more space for the new documents.