Customer Satisfaction

High-standard customer service can only help you and it’s worth investing in! It will make you recognizable in your target group and win your client’s hearts. Nowadays, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the quality of customer service you provide, because social media plays an important role in people’s lives. We will provide you with 5 reasons to convince you to invest into customer satisfaction in order to benefit your brand.

1. Look at your customer as a treasure you should keep and hide from the whole wide world

Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, on average. Even further, some research says that it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

You should not have any problem with going the extra mile for a customer who is not quite satisfied and often offer him something special.

Not only it is cheaper but also much more convenient to keep existing and loyal clients (If you are keeping them satisfied and happy, of course!) than to gain some new ones. Take this rule into account while organizing your customer service processes and do your best to look after the customers you already have.

2. Your clients can stop being your clients very fast

Nowadays, clients easily leave the brand, that conclusion is not hard to come to. And most of the time, it is caused by bad customer service. If your clients are waiting for days to get a response from you as a brand, or to get feedback or comment… that is completely unacceptable! A survey shows that gaining clients’ trust can take up to 12 (!!!!!) positive experiences, just to make up for one unresolved or negative experience.

Take the stories about your brand as learning points. Every story every customer shares should teach you how to make your product, service, and overall business function better. And you should design your customer service organization around communicating and resolving those issues.

Once you have satisfied your customer that is not forever. You need to look after your customer all of the time. Here are some simple things you can implement into better customer service

  • Try talking with them, not to them (listen what they have to say)
  • Ask questions
  • Offer contact support
  • Email surveys about your brand or any other technique that will help you communicate with your customers

If you put time and effort into taking care of each and every one of your clients’ needs, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and gratitude.

Do not make the common mistake of taking your audience for granted.

3. Pretty much, everything is about the money

It is pretty obvious that customers’ satisfaction is also reflected in your revenue.

Customers’ opinion and feelings about the brand can affect (in positive or negative way), the essential metrics. Your brand’s essential metrics are number mentions and repeated transactions, and also customer lifetime value or customer churn.

If your customers are happy, they are not going to be searching for your replacement-they do not care what your competitors have to offer, but they are interact with your brand again(happily) and make a purchase and recommend the product further and further.

If you invest in meeting their standards and if you answer their needs while delivering the best quality services or product, your customers will be satisfied and this will lead to your sales increasing. Make measuring your customers’ satisfaction your daily’s habit. It is not enough to do it just from time to time and take it lightly most of the time, until you face crisis management. Take a look at our guide to measuring customer satisfaction to make things easier, if you don’t know how to do it right.

4. Customer satisfaction is a factor that will help you stand out of the competition the most

You should know that your competitive rivals are waiting for you to make a wrong move.

Not just that, there is more: they are often the investigator.

You can be prepared for the provocations and that is not bad, but it is far away from enough. Your mean strategy should be… amazing customer service! It will be the best argument when you are trying to convince those uncertain of your services.

5. Great customer experience is what will take your brand places

The first thing you should consider when you are planning your marketing and positioning campaigns should be the importance of customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are way more likely to share the good word about your brand on the social media. Also, even when they are not buying from you, they will interact with your posts, leaving lovely and delightful comments and sharing your posts on their timelines, which leads to their friends seeing it.