Create a Workflow Online

Online workflow creation should be as easy as creating a any document, right? Just open a program and enter your relevant data.

But unfortunately it isn’t always simple. The software you are using might be missing from key features which you need, or you may create workflows that no one knows how to use.

No matter what software you use to create workflow processes, there are some basic rules you can use to ensure it is successful.

Determine Your Resources

Your initial action is to search how the workflow is currently processed. Is there a paper which is used? Is there any digital form or word document emailed? How do people know where to send the form after approval?

When you create online workflows, you want to improve on what is currently used. Creating workflows online brings some new benefits, but also some disadvantages. Some highly complex processes may be actually easier to process manually instead of trying to create an online workflow.

Creating an online workflow means spending time with stakeholders to listen to their suggestions and complaints about the existing usage instead of replicating the paper form.

If you want to improve a claim request, you will need someone from the finance department to validate the new process. Before you create an online workflow, you need to speak with everyone who is involved into previous paper based form.

List Tasks That Need to Be Completed

Start listing out the tasks that need to completed in online workflow with processing order. At each step, think about the information which task owner will need.

Create Diagrams to Visualize the Process

After you have determined all the tasks involved, you can create workflow diagrams. The workflow diagram will give you a visual representation of the entire process. When you create an online workflow, you should be able to use a drag and drop creator to make the digital version look just like what you sketched on paper.

Test the Workflow which You Created

When you have created the workflow, it may seem working without any problem, but it’s important to test and see if it does as required. Always there will be stages that you can improve or change. Use a test scenario to make sure everyone is happy with the workflow you created.

Train Your Team on the New Process

Although they know what you wish to, when you create a online workflow, you will need to train your team on the specifics of the tool you chose to use.

This training time will create valuable feedback and help you to improve the workflow. You can also use the diagrams that you prepared previously.

Deploy the New Workflow

After testing and training, start to use the workflow with a small team to see how it operates actually to see any hassle.

You can go back and create the online workflow again when you need a new requirement. If your team is looking for improvements, roll out new versions of the workflow.


To create diagrams and implementing them can sound like a big effort, but anyone can create workflow processes with Sipexa Flow's no-code platform.