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The history of business is very vast, though it undergone a number of changes over the period of time. The event when individual traded his belonging to an individual for his belonging can be considered as the first business deal. However, over the period of time, the concept of currency was introduced to the society.

It should be noted that the concept of currency has also undergone changes and improvements with the passage of time. Initially, gold was the standard in which trading and sale/purchase of items were done. Prices were set for different commodities for a designated number of coins (made of gold). With the progress of time and expansion of the population, gold became scarce to meet the needs of the general public.

Hence, the concept of paper money was introduced. With this, the concept of economies came into being. With the expansion of economies, businesses also expanded and became inter-city, interregional and international. Thus, for business, it became almost impossible for the businesses to a keep a record of their contacts manually. This led to the development of computers for business for keeping record of various activities such as financial transactions, record of the clients i.e. their contacts and the products or services they have requested.

This system eventually became incapable of meeting the needs of the modern era. It is so because neither the businesses nor the clients remained stationed at designated locations. When the world became a global village, thanks to the internet, business became worldwide. Moreover, the clients became worldwide as well, especially when the business deals involving large sum of money. In the simplest of term, it is not now not possible to keep the business limited to a small scale.

No great business has ever become great by limiting itself to a neighborhood. It did that by going national, international or global. In order facilitate the business to go international or global, the website Sipexa is offering a great service of online paperless business. It will play the same role as that of a traditional business office without having the clients or employees to come to a specific office building. The Sipexa paperless office account offers the businesses with a number of convenient services, including the contact services. The contact information obtained from the client in the form of titles, departments and communication details with custom notes by one employee can be uploaded in the contact repository of the virtual office.

For example, an employee from the response team receives a feedback (complaint) about a designated product or service. He or she can forward the complaint to the complaint department as well as upload the contact information in the repository of the of the Sipexa office account repository. When the issue of the client has been he solved by the complaint department, anyone (and not only the original uploader of the information) can inform the client that the issue has been resolved. The contact information can be used to send general and business promotional messages to all the clients as well.