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Sipexa Flow Landing

Responsive Forms

Let people fill in forms from anywhere and on any device.


Create brand recognition with your own customized form URL.

Drag and Drop

Build beautiful online forms without any coding knowledge.

Email Logic

Send emails to the right people when a new submission is made.

Payment Processors

Collect online payments and donations on order forms and registrations.

Drag and Drop

Build your workflows without any coding knowledge.

User Based Task Management

Each interaction with workflow can create tasks for your colleagues.

Conditional Logic

You can increase diversity of approvals with conditional statements which depends on the content of a form.

Drag and Drop

Build your corporate structure with ease.

Multi Level Hierarchy

Like a leaf, each vein represents management hierarchy with positions and assigned employee to relevant position.

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Without loosing connections, easily see big picture in your company or deep dive to individual employee.

Your Clients

Communication with your clients is a key factor for your company to achieve goals. With a single point of view, you can easily track all the things with your clients.


Each contact in a company matters, do not forget their titles, departments and communication details with custom notes.


Some documents are always valid, some documents belong to a project and some documents have a deadline.


Do you have any note not to be forgetten?

Convert Emails to Tickets

Never miss out on a customer conversation by automatically converting all incoming emails to support tickets.

Unified Inbox for Each Department

Do not loose track of a customer with unified inbox for tickets.

Connect Multiple Email Accounts to Each Department

One department can be reachable via different email addresses. The source of unified inbox.

Priorities Tickets According to SLA Automatically

Every client has different aggrements. Never fall in doubt to fullfill deadlines.