Dynamic Form Creator & Workflow Application

for your paperless office

Customize effortlessly anytime based on your changing requirements. Embed approval logic (integrated workflow) to your process with just a single click. Either set up your own booking service and collect payment over Stripe or create your own CRM.

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Howto Customize Your Business Automation

  • You need to determine a user name for your service
  • Your service address will be
  • If you have your domain, we can assist you to use as

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You get what your business needs on the Net and the rest is our concern…

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • We are at the other side of computer, ask your questions any time via email or via live chat.
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  • You do not need to find any invoice template, invoice example or external invoice generator.
  • Either being VAT registered or not, you can easily create invoices for your customers.
  • You do not need to worry how to create an invoice for VAT registered company or not registered.
  • For creating invoice, you only need to create product and your customer. Your customers can see their sales invoices at the front end too.
  • Never worry about next invoice number. It is automatically tracked.
  • Exporting invoice as a pdf with your logo is only a click away.
  • If you want to learn how your invoice will look like, you can preview according to your company details from your company page without printing an actual invoice.

  • Yo do not need to find spending tracker, any external expense manager or expense calculator.
  • You can add your daily expenses on demand with a categorized way.
  • You can create unlimited expense categories like travel expenses, insurance expenses.
  • Additionally you can create periodic expenses. When the time comes, we will notify you.
  • You can track your expense: Did I take invoice for this expense? Did I paid this expense?
  • You can import your expenses from your bank statements too. (Microsoft Money format, HSBC format) If you require any other format, we are happy to integrate it.
  • Due to nature of your business, you can add source of payments too. For example, £200 is paid via direct debit in Metro Bank, £100 is paid by business credit card.

  • You can add all your products with prices
  • Price of each product can be different for each payment terms (one time, montly, per 3 months, per 6 months, etc)…
  • You can track your stock status, if that product needs stock tracking…
  • When you sell a compound product which has dependent costs, you can add as bill of materials…
  • Near future, Ebay and Amazon integration will be available…
  • You can decide which product will be sold at your eCommerce platform…
  • Unlimited amount of product groups
  • Unlimited amount of products

  • Communication details of each client and supplier.
  • Which product is taken from which supplier…

  • If your company is a consultancy company, you can track man/day or man/hour activities with your clients, invoicing can not be more easy…

  • If you want to sell your products, it is ready to start…
  • Paypal and Stripe integration is already made, only enter your details…
  • If you want to sell web hosting, domain whois tool is ready to use…
  • Do you want write your improvements, our tool includes news section…
  • Every one asks, did you tired, we have ready to use knowledge base system…

What makes Sipexa Business Automation ideal for small businesses?

It’s a cloud-based all-in-one system that ticks all the boxes:

  • No hardware, no software, no hassle
  • Free updates/upgrades per week so you’re always up to date
  • A scalable system that grows with your business
  • Enterprise-level cloud security for small businesses

What makes Sipexa Business Automation ideal for small businesses?

It’s a cloud-based all-in-one system that serves to your business.

What you will have at the front end:

  • Integrated eCommerce Platform
  • You can sell your products online: web hosting packages, domains, virtual products, your software licenses, your branded products, etc…
  • Integrated knowledge base, news / announcements and download sections in case of need